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Amy Snow


Very recently I started following a blog , Modern Mrs. Darcy ( ). In a recent blog she posted that she had read and enjoyed a book called Amy Snow (A) by Tracy Rees. It seemed like something I’d enjoy and so I grabbed it when I found it at my library.

One winter morning on an estate in London a young girl finds a newborn infant naked and blue in the newly fallen snow. Aurelia, being an extremely caring young girl, bundles the child in her cloak and runs back to the estate with her. The reception she receives from her parents is not what Aurelia expected. An abandoned child can only bring shame upon the Vennaway name. As the only living child of Lady Celestina, Aurelia manages to convince her parents that the infant must not be sent to an orphanage but must stay with them. Once convinced, they agree but only if the child is NEVER seen by any family member ever again. Thus, Amy Snow, as Aurelia names her comes to stay.

Many years later, Aurelia discovers that she hasn’t long to live. A heart condition will shorten her young life. While her parents have aggressively sought for a suitable husband for her, Aurelia has other ideas about how she will spend her last days. The Vennaways hoped that she would marry and produce an heir for their enormous fortune. In an attempt to postpone this event, Aurelia makes a promise to them. If they allow her to travel for a few months, upon her return she will marry. It is a promise she has no intention of keeping.

What evolves is a story riddled with secrets. Secrets Aurelia has kept from her beloved Amy. Once Aurelia dies all those secrets fall to Amy to discover exactly as Aurelia planned. An endless treasure hunt created for Amy will reveal Aurelia’s true identity and heart.

The author has done an incredible job with her very first novel. It was compelling and the story was well written and well delivered. Its classification is historical fiction and written during the Victorian era it highlights not only fashion but also customs and society of the period. I highly recommend reading this very worthy novel. I understand that there are several more coming along and possibly even a sequel. I will eagerly await them all.


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