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News of the World



Thank you Book Browse for the opportunity to read News of the World (C) by Paulette Jiles.

I can honestly say the premise of the story was intriguing. Children kidnapped by Indian tribes and raised by their captors being returned to their birth families presented a new angle to write about. The author clearly researched her story and the facts regarding the time period are on point as well as the reactions of the kidnapped children.

While I enjoyed learning about these situations, I had major issues with the writing. Firstly, maybe I am too anal about grammar but I cannot understand why authors choose to eliminate quotation marks. It distracts me from what I am reading. Furthermore, it makes it difficult to follow any and all conversations. It becomes a monologue. BORING!!!!

Some other things I did not care for were the heavy historical references. There was a need for some of it to set the time, place and surroundings. I would have enjoyed more emotion. I needed a bit more of a connection to the characters. Lastly, I strongly dislike a story that is predictable, the ending was clear to me by the 25th page.

I am sorry but the feeling I was left with after finishing this book was that I had just sat through a pretty bad western. Perhaps a reader who lives in the regions described in the story would better appreciate this book. The effort was lost on me.


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