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Miranda Beverly-Whittemore has convinced me that she writes incredible novels. A while ago I was very impressed with Bittersweet. Today, I was equally impressed by June (A).

Cassie Danvers has inherited her grandmother’s home in St. Jude, Ohio where she lived with her until she left to attend college. June, her grandmother, was her legal guardian after the death of her parents. As young teenager, Cassie was itching to leave the small town and everyone in it. Returning to the once regal home is overwhelming for Cassie. It is in dire need of repairs and the $14,000 that came along with this inheritance will never be enough.

Since Cassies’ life in NYC has fallen apart, coming to live in Ohio provides her the opportunity to take on a pity party. She hides within the embrace of the house, barely surviving, dreaming unexplained ghostly dreams. The incessant ring of a doorbell announces drastic changes to her world. She learns that she has inherited the estate of a very famous movie star. Jack Montgomery claims that she is his granddaughter, one he has never before recognized.

A DNA test is required from those who are contesting the will. Before she will agree to this, Cassie requests proof that June was someone other than she believed her to be.

Alternating between 1955 and present day, the life and characters of a small town are scrutinized. Secrets long held are shared. June’s very private life becomes public and Cassie must navigate through it all.

I’ve come to really appreciate the author’s writing style. The pacing of the story is deliberate and revelations are slowly dispensed and always at the most appropriate of moments. I strongly encourage you to become familiar with Miranda Beverly-Whittemore either with Bittersweet or June. Neither one will disappoint.




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