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Try Not to Breathe


Try Not To Breathe (A) by Holly Seddon is the best mystery/thriller I have read.

Alex, an aspiring journalist, has struggled with alcoholism. She’s lost her job and destroyed her marriage. In an attempt to resurrect her career, she investigates patients with neuro-disabilities in the Wells Royal Infirmary. A particular young woman, Amy Stevenson has been there for fifteen years. A victim of a brutal beating she remains in a frozen state not dead, nor alive. Alex is familiar with Amy’s story. They are the same age and had attended the same school. No one was ever charged with the crime.

All the while Amy has been hospitalized Jacob her teenage boyfriend has been a constant visitor. Now married and expecting his first child, he has been unable to draw himself away. His life revolves around spending part of every day with her putting his marriage in grave danger.

In alternating chapters that read like diary entries the story unfolds. Alex’s investigation has become personal. She is determined to discover who is responsible for Amy’s attack. Extremely ill and running out of time to turn her life around, Alex is determined to finish what she has started and find justice for Amy.

The story is very compelling. The characters are written so well that the reader becomes invested in them quickly. Even Amy has a voice. It’s difficult to put the book down and certainly worthy of every written word. If I were to make comparisons to The Girl on the Train or Gone Girl, I’d have to say that this one exceeds those two successful novels. So if you’ve read them, please read Try Not To Breathe. I am sure you won’t regret it.




The Silent Sister


What better to do on a cold winter weekend than curl up with a good book! This weekend, I read The Silent Sister (A) by Diane Chamberlain. As the chosen book for February, it will definitely provide my book club with plenty to discuss.

A promising young musician has committed a horrific murder and while waiting for her trail to begin, she takes her own life…. or does she? So begins a novel riddled with clues from the very first page. Riley, the youngest of three siblings, has arrived at her childhood home after her father’s death. What she believes will take two weeks to sort out turns into something much, much more. With each passing day she discovers unimaginable things about her parents and siblings. More importantly what she learns about herself is life changing.

Yes, the author laces each page with clues intensifying the mystery chapter by chapter. It didn’t take me long to come to some conclusions. It became pretty obvious what the outcome of the story was going to be. Nonetheless, the fact that I figured it all out didn’t stop me from reading fast and furiously. After all, I had to prove my theories.

I think that Chamberlain writes somewhat like Lisa Scottoline. Like Scottoline, once you get involved you can’t walk away until you’ve read every last word. This was the first of Chamberlain’s books that I’ve ever read and even though mysteries are not my go to “read” I certainly will pick up some of her other titles. The Silent Sister was fun on a winter weekend and would make a good beach read too. Either way, I invite you to explore this and other titles by Diane Chamberlain. I don’t think you will be disappointed.