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The Stolen Child


Many of you will wonder how I’ve come to give The Stolen Child (B+) by Lisa Carey such high praise. I say this because by far it is one of the most different books I’ve ever read and enjoyed.

St Brigid is one of Ireland’s most revered saints. Set in the mountains of Connemara, a remote island, the author creates a magical, fantastical novel around the folklore of this devoted saint.

Brigid (named after the saint) comes to the Island from America to claim the property she has inherited. Folklore says that a well exists whose waters are healing and miraculous. Brigid’s life has been complicated to say the least. She learns early that she posses the power of healing hands. While she delivers peace and life to those she touches, her body reacts in violent ways leaving her ill and barren. It is here on St Brigid’s Island that she seeks those healing waters so that she can bare a child.

Emer, born on the island, also possess magical powers. Her powers come at a price. Niall is her only child. Emer believes he will not be hers forever. She lives in constant fear that the fairies will come to claim him.

Have I sparked your curiosity? I hope so because I found the story enchanting. Perhaps the fairies took me as I read because I honestly found this book irresistible. The characters are powerful, the story even stronger. Love, friendship, faith, trust are all tenants of this unique novel. I dare you to read it. I will warn you there are some sexual notes that might be difficult for some to handle. I think they only enhance the message of the story.

The Stolen Child will be available to purchase in February. Why not start 2017 with the fairies of St. Brigid’s Island. !!!!